Unconventional Moose

The UnconVentionaL mOOse, is a “boutique of sorts” with a wildlife theme and a rustic flair, and is located on the Trans Canada Highway  just west of the junction of Highway 7  and Highway 37 in eastern, Ontario – Canada.

In addition to a thriving retail shop the moose also offers rental water craft, along with motel accommodation and several long term apartments. Maybe someday a small café will come to life offering healthy local fare.

kOsmO ~ the UnconVentionaL mOOse

With a life like, full-sized moose named kOsmO sitting at the front door, and an unconventional (to say the least) product mix, the UnconVentionaL mOOse came into being.

KOsmO, the mOOse, has his own private pond and waterfall with a spectacular back drop of the Skootamatta river. He often dresses to suit the time of year or special occasions. What will he be wearing when you visit?

The shop previously operated for many years as the Mohawk Trading Post carrying primarily native crafts, moccasins and leather goods. Originally it was located just east of the junction of Highway 7 & 37. Many will recall the caged bears that called the Post home, entertaining many a tourist by drinking bottles of coke and slurping up ice cream. This is not a sight common in today’s environment but a memorable one for many that passed by the Post on their annual trek to the cottage lakes and the wilderness cabins.

After a 10 year stint on Highway 37 the ownership changed.  The unusual and quirky product mix along with the arrival of the mOOse, prompted a name change. The UnconVentionaL mOOse was born.

The UnconVentionaL mOOse is owned and operated by proprietor Tracey Hiltz.

Tracey originated from Nova Scotia but spent many years wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of Toronto life. Tweed appeared to be a quaint little escape. Perched on the shores of Stoco Lake, with the mighty Moira meandering through the downtown streets, life just seemed to move at a slower pace. Although she was somewhat naïve about rural retail business – things clip along at a much quicker pace than anticipated – she persevered, and now would never trade this beautiful country setting to return to the big City lights.

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